About Lucy

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Straightforward writer, energetic speaker, Thing finder, million-miles-an-hour marketer, mum, chum, avid reader and self-confessed social media faffer.

My ‘Thing’ is a head full of useful things to help you with your business… mostly marketing, but strategy and sales things, too. Over-qualified with an MBA, and (more helpfully) 2 decades plus of practical marketing and business experience, I’ve launched things, developed things, finished things, grown things and (most importantly) sold things.

To start with, I’ll help you see the ‘Thing’ you do that’s brilliant, and that no-one else does quite how you do it. Then I’ll help you package that up and sell it so your business is brilliantly different. We’ll explain your process or philosophy about what you do and how you do it, and that becomes your message.

I’m that person who sees what you don’t see in you and your business, can say what you want to say even when you can’t find the words, and can package what you didn’t think was possible to sell. My Thing is brilliant business things.

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If you ever want to know what’s going on inside Lucy’s head, then read her blog www.LucyLovesBusiness.com—she has opinions on most things (and Things!)

Oh, and she’s written a book too. It’s called Find Your Thing.

Since Lucy helped me find my Thing, Fame Name & Story, it has been so much easier creating my marketing message and being able to convey clearly what it is that I do and why I'm...

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