About the book

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This book is about Finding your Thing and getting Famous for it. It’s about finding that brilliant Thing that only you do the way you do it.

When you do your Thing you’re doing what you’re brilliant at AND doing what’s easy for you. And the good news is that you can get paid for it too.

So this book is for you if you want to stop doing what you’re good at, and do what you’re brilliant at instead. It’s for you if you know that you’re not quite ‘there’ yet with knowing what your Thing is, or you know it but can’t work out how to get paid and famous for it.

Everyone has one Thing they do so effortlessly well that they can’t believe other people can’t do it. You have this Thing too. You just might not be known for it right now (or even realise you have it!).

I’m completely obsessed with people doing their Thing as I know the difference it makes to every-thing. This is about doing the work you were born to do and more. And less too.

Because actually doing your Thing is very simple. It’s just you doing YOUR Thing.

Here’s what things are in the book:

  • Why you want to find your Thing
  • Where to find your Thing (it’s so much closer than you think)
  • How you know you’re doing your Thing
  • Getting famous (& paid) for your Thing

You’re gifted at something and absolutely that ‘Thing’ can be sold so you get paid for doing what’s easy for you. So let’s get your Thing out there so you’re not stuck just doing some-thing.

When you get this clarity you can get focused. When you get focused you can get famous.

Find your Thing. Get Famous for it. Read the book.

At high speed, whether you're an experienced or a new business owner, Lucy will give you clarity on how to market your Thing so that it is right for both you and your...

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